Fly Fishing, the art of casting your chosen fly by using the weight of the fly line to cast that fly.

NEWS FLASH: It is actually easier to catch trout Fly Fishing in Branson Mo than probably any other place in the country! And out of a boat when they are generating water at Lake Taneycomo in Branson Mo It is also easier to catch trout on a FLY ROD than any other type of fishing equipment! In short if you want to catch fish on Lake Taneycomo you need to at least try Fly Fishing! And hiring the right Fly Fishing Guide, One that is actually a fly fishing instructor! Is the quickest way to learn how to get started fly fishing.

I have not to this day had a client that I have put a fly rod in his or her hand that has wanted to switched back to or switched to a spinning rod!

Furthermore every client has commented on just how easy fly fishing is!

To get started you do not need to spend lots of money on a high priced fly fishing rod, waders and lots of gear. There are several inexpensive combos that for under $100 up to about $300 you can get a rod, reel, fly line and leaders. (lot less on craigslist)

Fly Rods come in weights from 1 wt (wt stands for weight) to up to 16 wt or even bigger or heavier weight's.1 wt is the lightest, made for the smallest fish and small streams. On the other end of the weight a 14 wt or 15 wt is for big fish and big fly's.

Fly fishing lines come in the same weights as the rods and you should match them to the rod size or possibly one size bigger or smaller at the most. Sometimes if I want to slow the action of a rod I will push the rod by going to a larger or one size bigger fly line than the rod is rated at or if you want to speed up the action of a rod you will go with one size smaller fly line.

My suggestion for a first purchase fly rod would be a 4 to 5 wt 8.5' to 9' fly rod with a weight forward floating line. Or any rod they can find reasonable

In my opinion where the beginner or most fly fishers, that are having trouble casting well, is that they are focused on casting the fly with the fly rod and not focusing on controlling the fly line. You will not be able to control your fly unless you control your fly line period! This is the most important aspect or what you need to focus on or understand is controlling your fly line is the key!

The actual length of fly line you need to let out of your fly rod will only need to be the amount you can effectively control. I see way to many fly fishers that think you must cast great distances and have lots of extra line off your fly reel to catch fish, this is incorrect. You only need the minimum amount of fly line off your reel that you can actually CONTROL!

Beginner Fly Fishing Instructor Fly Fishing Guide in Branson Mo


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