Tenkara Fishing in Branson Mo
Tenkara fishing is a Japanese style of fishing that uses just a long rod with a line attached to it, in Tenkara fishing there is no reel used. In this style of fishing the range or distance you can cover or fish is determined by the length of your rod plus the line that is attached to it.
Much like fly fishing, in smaller streams and fishing distances shorter rods and shorter lines are attached to the shorter rods. On the other extreme  for bigger rivers, streams, ponds and even lakes longer Tenkara Rods will be used with even longer lines attached to them.
Tenkara rods are available in the range of 8 to 14 foot and the line attached to them is typically 1 to 2 times the length of the Tenkara Rod. So for instance if you have a  12’ Tenkara rod and Have 18’ of line and leader you would have be able to fish in a range or distance of 30’ (12'+18’=30’). Another advantage to the Tenkara style of fishing is the portability of it, a 14’ rod can be collapsed to under 3’ for packing and such.
Tenkara fishing is well suited to catch trout up to 15-17” or so. The drawbacks to hooking bigger fish with a tenkara rod is there is no reserve amount of line so if a bigger fish takes off on a run unless you are able to keep up to keep up with the fish it will break you off once it reaches the end of your rod plus line limitation.
I have found the Tenkara style to be really well suited for the inexperienced and beginning angler however it is exciting and challenging enough for the experienced angler wanting to broaden or try new ways to catch trout.
Tenkara fishing is typically done with a Tenkara fly which is basically a reversed soft hackle fly but we are most successful with the standard lake Taneycomo fly’s such as scuds, midges and small streamers.
If you are interested in trying Tenkara fishing on Lake Taneycomo in Branson Mo just give me a call, I guarantee you can catch lots of trout on a Tenkara rod here!

Branson Mo Tenkara Fishing Guide


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