Take Your Kids Trout Fishing

Asparagus goes great with the trout and you can grill after you remove the trout. Also a bed of wild rice or garlic mashed potatoes is awesome.

If you want to come have a blast catching your own trout give me a call and I Guarantee your limit of trout on Beautiful Lake Taneycomo trout. I will even provide my special trout seasoning! And that you will have a Great Time fishing!

Call John Sappington 417-434-2823 or click below to visit:

Place a trout on your plate and lift the tail upwards, with a fork gently work the meat off the bone while lifting the tail.

Gently work all the meat off one underside of the trout.

Turn the trout over ans work the meat off the other side of the bone.

Once you have the bones removed I gently flip the boneless fillets over and add the grilled onions and some sort of vegetable and garnish with capers.

After 10 or so min (depending on size of trout and grill temp you will see the trout tails start to burn, this indicates they are done, remove the trout from the grill and remove and save the onions.

After you place the trout on the onions drizzle some of the seasoned olive oil over the top of the trout or you can put a pat of butter on each lemon slice. Caution do not drizzle with too much oil or the grill will flare.

Place the onions on the 400 deg grill and baste with olive oil that has been seasoned with the salmon seasoning then grill for 4 min before you place the trout on top of them, grill for 10 to 12 min.

First season the trout liberally on both sides

Thinly cut a lemon and add to the top

Slice a sweet onions about 3/8" thick

Trout Cooking Recipe


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