Table RockLake Bass Fishing Report

Been catching lots of bass on a Ned rig, a shakey head, and also a craw on a jig head with a Jades Jig jig head, something about the way jade head falls triggers lots more strikes than a standard jig head.

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The lake level is slowly falling pulling the fish out deeper, catching some fish early on a top water but most are still coming on the Jades jig even in the morning when there are fish chasing shad!

Cold blast this weekend making the Bass fishing on Table Rock lake a grind, this next week we are expected to have nice warm weather which should help the bass bite on the rock.

The bass are staging at the mouths of the creeks and main pockets suspended in the trees and on the steeper banks.

The A-rig (which I HATE!) wart, jerk bait and grub bite will be the most consistent through the spring and will account for the majority of the fish caught on the Rock till the spawn.

I just booked a repeat client today for the end of march and he reminded me that we caught 65 fish last March and he was resting up his arm to go whack them again!

The crappie fishing will be in full swing at the first of April with some big slabs moving up the rivers and creeks looking to spawn!

The bass fishing The bass fishing on Table Rock Lake in Branson Mo is still really good even with the added boat traffic with the warmer weather We are catching mostly small mouth bass and Kentucky or spotted bass. The fish are moving out of the creeks and coves out to the main lake points and drops, there are also lots of fish under main creek and main lake docks and will continue to be for the remainder of the summer. On our Table Rock Lake bass fishing trips we are we are catching several bass from 12” to 20” with the occasional lunker. The best baits are top waters early in the morning switching to worms and jigs as the fish move deeper or less active. We are also catching several fish on drop shot rigs and will through the summer months.

If you want to have a great day on the water just give me a call or email and we will put you on the bass on Table Rock Lake!

The bass fishing continues to be really good on Table Rock lake, we have been getting lots of rain and it has kept them generating lots of water through the Table Rock Dam. There are lots of fish moving out on the main lake points and feeding up after the spawn and still some new fish moving in to the creeks and pockets to spawn.

Fish we are catching are throwing up both shad an crawfish so fish baits according to that. We are catching lots of fish on top waters, jigs, sinko's and grubs in natural colors.

This is a great time to bass fish on Table Rock Lake

The bass fishing on Table Rock Lake is in full swing! you can basically catch them however you want to. With the water warming it has brought droves of fish to the shallows for the spring spawn.

Depending what sections of the lake you fish there are different baits and techniques that are the most productive you also need to match your baits to the current conditions or the daily conditions. Fish slower under calm clear conditions and faster covering more water when it is windy or cloudy.

With the spawn in full swing fish can be caught coming into the spawning areas and also moving out of these areas.

Depending on the conditions the best baits are the top waters, grubs, jigs, worms. creature baits, crank baits and even blade baits. As you can see everythig is working, the key is matching your baits and presentations to the current sections of the lake and current conditions.

Gone are the tough fishing days with the cold water of winter and spring and here are the reason Table Rock Lake is rated as one of the top bass fishing lakes in the country!

The Water temperature has finally warmed to over 55 degrees this weekend on Table ‘rock Lake in Branson Missouri and the fishing is on fire! It has been a long cold winter and spring, every time we got some warm days we have been blasted again by cold weather and cold nights. This is hopefully all in the past as this last weekend we have had some beautiful days a some relatively warm er nights which are key to warming the clear waters of Table Rock Lake.With the warming water and longer days the bass and crappie fishing has really picked up on table Rock. We also have been able to catch fish on a variety of lures where all spring if you weren't throwing  a A-rig or a jerk bait you weren't catching fish!The bass are moving in droves into the pockets and spawning flats for the annual spring spawn.The main lake water clarity around Branson is really clear 20’ of visibility on calm  days so those calm days can be the toughest days to fish on the Rock.A variety of lures are working now and our catches have skyrocketed on our bass fishing trips, depending on the conditions we are catching from 20 to 50 bass on guided bass fishing trip and it is finally fun to be a Table Rock Lake bass fishing guide again. The crappie fishing on Table Rock Lake really good also. We are catching lots of fish, some on the smaller side but we are having some of those thumper's in the 14 to 16” range mixed in the bag but still lots of crappie that need to be measured yo see if they are over 10”. This should change as the bigger females move up this week as the water temperatures skyrocket with the sunshine and warmer nights.

4/7 Mike McClelland won the Bass Elite on Table Rock This weekend so His fishing report is much better tan any I could write this week!

When Mike McClelland decides to retire from fishing professionally, presumably years from now, he said he'll strongly consider spending his golden years around Table Rock Lake.

Not that he's wrestling with any thoughts of calling it a career any time soon. His statement was more a testament to his adoration for the lake and the area in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, a feeling that was only deepened by his narrow Elite Series victory at Table Rock over the weekend.

"I don't know if I've soaked it all in yet," he said Sunday night. "I got to spend a week with my aunt and uncle and my whole family attended the event. It was just really special because of my family ties to the area."

McClelland's victory ended a 6-year victory drought and it came on the lake where he cut his teeth as an angler years ago. What's more, he was able to put all of his knowledge of the lake to good use as he worked up a pattern in practice and settled into his comfort zone, working jerkbaits and a swimbait along with a Wiggle Wart, a Table Rock staple, near rocky banks in certain areas of the lake.

Before the event, it was thought that a 15 pounds-per-day average would give someone a real shot at winning. It turned out McClelland needed just a little more as his 61-15 total was 13 ounces better than Mark Davis'. The win pushed McClelland up to 11th in the Angler of the Year race and earned him a spot in next year's Bassmaster Classic.

"There are a lot of things as a pro angler you set out to do and I still have a burning desire to win an Angler of the Year title," he added. "I think for my career to be 100-percent fulfilling, I'm going to need to win an AOY or a Classic. This win allows me to fish the rest of the season differently now. Last year, I was in the Classic, then I'd be out of it, then back in and out again. I was fishing behind the 8-ball. Now, I'll be able to fish more relaxed and maybe take a few chances, but they won't be ignorant risks."

Here's how he tackled Table Rock.


Practice was less about finding spots that McClelland could fish in the tournament and more so about identifying areas or stretches that could produce under different sets of conditions.

Table Rock has a strong reputation for being a pattern lake, meaning if someone's able to catch fish in 8 feet of water near a channel swing, chances are similar areas around the lake will harbor fish.

"One thing that I was frustrated with is we never had sun and wind in practice," he said. "That’s when I catch them best on the jerkbait, but it was great actually that the conditions ended up like they did in practice because we had a little bit of everything. We had cold and relatively slick conditions with a little breeze to windy and blue bird skies. I felt like I knew what to do in all scenarios.

"I never got to cut it loose with the sun and wind, though. If we'd have had that, the jerkbait bite would’ve been even more incredible."

He said there was a section of the lake coming into the tournament that he wanted to fish, but wound up bypassing it altogether after getting on a couple patterns further up the lake.

"Typically, the White River is the earlier arm that turns on and by this time of year, usually it starts to go south," he said. "I had wanted to fish from Kimberling City to the dam, but I couldn't make it work. I spent some time in the White, probably 1 and three-quarters days. Every day I would put in by the dam and fish up to the White."

On the final day of practice, he put in at Shell Knob well up the White River arm, but wasn't enthused by what he found after a couple hours. He took out and drove to Kimberling City and put in there.

"That's when I found out they were biting in that area," he said. "The first 2 days I'd gone through there and hadn't gotten any bites. That last day is when I got like seven bites in Fisher Creek.

"The last day of practice turned out to be key. I actually fished further up the White than I ever intended on going."


> Day 1: 5, 15-06
> Day 2: 5, 16-14
> Day 3: 5, 17-09
> Day 4: 5, 12-02
> Total = 20, 61-15

The decision to focus on that section of lake turned out to be crucial as McClelland caught all of his weigh fish from Kimberling City to Campbell Point.

"I had six or seven bites in Fisher Creek and that was the closest to the dam I caught fish that I weighed in," he said.

Over the first 3 days of the tournament, he quietly worked his way up the standings, progressively bringing bigger bags to the scale each day.

Day 1 was thought of as the day to get an early jump on the field as a wicked thunderstorm moved across the lake and sent many anglers fleeing for the nearest boat dock for shelter. The fish bit pretty good all over the lake and McClelland caught 15-06 – all largemouth – to start off in 12th place.

The wind helped his cause on Friday as he tacked on 16-14, again all largemouth, that moved him into 4th place. While others were reporting catching dozens upon dozens of fish, McClelland was hauling in 10 to 15 keepers a day and plenty of shorts.

"I covered a lot of water. I'd go into a main-lake pocket – I fished a lot of those, especially ones with banks that had chunk rock and gravel points mixed in," he said. "A lot of those pockets had the right banks. I must've had 35 to 40 different areas like that."

He was concerned that the calm wind conditions that were in the forecast for Saturday would shut down his jerkbait and crankbait fish, but he got off to a solid start and eventually boxed 17-09, his best effort of the week, to take over the lead.

The key fish that day and of the tournament for him was the 5-13 largemouth he caught.

"There's no doubt that without that fish I wouldn't be where I'm at," he said. "It was a textbook spot for that fish, but I caught it at a time of day when the sun was high in the sky and there was barely a ripple on the surface. For that fish to bite was amazing to me."

He left the dock with nearly a 4-pound cushion on day 4, but he knew playing prevent defense and just catching a safe limit wouldn't be enough to stave off Davis, Aaron Martens, Kevin VanDam and Co.

He started the day near the Kimberling City bridge and had a flurry of catches near a boat dock on a 4 1/2-inch swimbait, but only a few were keepers. He switched to his signature series SPRO McStick jerkbait and finished his limit around 10:30 with a 2 1/2-pounder that ate a Wiggle Wart.

He stayed with his run-and-gun approach between Kimberly City and the Campbell Point area, but couldn't rouse any other significant keepers. His 12-02 stringer turned out to be just enough.

"That was really a big key," he said. "People get hung up on specific spots or stretches. I practiced every day during the tournament and caught fish in places I hadn't been through in practice. It was sheerly a pattern this week because this lake is all about chasing the wind and fishing a pattern more so than spots."

March 16

I had 2 trips cancel today due to the weather so I am sitting home today watching it snow! and getting caught up on my fishing reports. Something is wrong with this picture, is this long hard winter ever going to release its grip on us? The bass fishing on Bransons Table Rock lake is slowly picking up as the water slowly warms. Typically this time of the year we will get warm spring rains and this warm colored water will flow into the lake and warm the main tributaries and creeks. This is not the case this year! As today the cold rain we had this morning which has turned to snow will eventually run into the creeks and tributaries keeping those areas cool that should be teeming with hungry fish!There are some fish moving into these areas as they do every year like clockwork but with the cool water the metabolism of these fish is in slow motion and they are not feeding like they should at this time of year due to the cold water.We are still basically under winter fishing conditions with the water temps being in the mid to upper 40’s, The most productive baits are the Alabama rig, Jerk baits and crank baits. All these baits should be fished slow! The best areas are the first few secondary points inside the main pockets and creeks that are close to the main channel or to deeper water, Look for isolated cedar trees that can hold the mother load of fish! also there are always early spring on the bluff ends and the first few docks inside the channel swings heading to flatter areas and especially look ⅔ the way back into the creeks that have some water  color to them, with the sunshine we have had the last few days these areas are continuing to warm, look for the big rocks or boulders where the channel swings in close to the banks.If you want a guaranteed fishing trip Just give me a call and I can guide you to the fish!

Feb 27

The bite is starting to pick up some on Table Rock Lake as the water starts to warm. The majority of the fish are still on the main lake and those fish can be caught in close proximity of the main river channel. The best places are bluff ends, deep pockets and points or ledges adjacent to the river channel. Target these areas close to bigger flats or close to the mouths of the creek arms or longer pocketswhere these fish will eventually  move into as the water eventually warms.

The best baits have been the suspending jerk baits, Alabama rig and the floating fly. We have caught a few fish on a jig in some of the steep bluff pockets too but mostly smaller fish. The bigger fish are suspended deeper (watch your electronics to determine the best depths) If you see birds diving in the areas you are fishing right now MOVE!

Later in the spring this will be key but with the fishes metabolism being slow due to the extreme cold weather we have had try and stay away from the dying shad.

Another option is to run the back of the creeks or arms off the main river. There are always fish early in the year in these areas. Really target the channel swings and big chunky or ledge rock in the backs or at least the back 1/3 of these creeks. The best baits here are the jerk bait (and you can not pause the bait to long) a jig (this is the only time I pull out some lighter weight hair jigs with a finesse worm as a trailer) we have caught a few fish on a weighted #7 shad rap. We have not thrown the floating fly much this year but it is coming out! This bait or system can really shine in the late winter and spring till the water gets up to about 55 degrees then its effectiveness really drops off.

We are due for another stretch of cold weather so fishing is due to slow, just as it was starting to pick up some.

On years like this where it stays cold well into spring when it does turn on it will be hot and heavy. I am ready for that time. This global warming is freezing us to death!

The unfortunately  reality is when the water is cold the fishes metabolism is in slow motion, pare this with the fact that there are lots of shad dying on Table Rock Lake and you have one of the toughest scenarios of the year for bass fishing on Table Rock Lake In Branson Mo.


The early spring bass fishing can be good on Table Rock lake in Branson Mo as long as you stay on the bait. This has been the coldest and longest winter I have ever seen! This causes the bait to go deep and stay deep.

Your best bet is to vertically fish with your electronics using spoons, ice jigs, heavy grubs, tube baits and drop shots.

Soon as we start to get some warm periods the fish and shad will start to move up in the water column and start staging for the spawn.

In the coming months the fish will start to stage for the spawn, this is caused by the days get longer and will happen regardless of the weather but will increase as the water warms. The fish will start to rise and head to their staging areas.  

You will be able to catch these bass on a variety of lures but I prefer more horizontal lures such as Alabama rigs, suspending jerk baits, grubs and also spinner baits.

Right now is one of the toughest times to catch lots of fish due to the fishes metabolism being so slow especially with the record cold weather and low water temps, but but the next couple of months is the best time to catch some of the biggest fish of the year!


The winter bass fishing is really, good the water has cooled to the low 50's.

The fish are biting both shallow and deep depending on how you like to fish.

You can still take a wiggle wart or jerk baits like the mega bass and lucky strike, and drop your trolling motor on the main lake or in the bigger creek arms and cover water, especially on the steeper windy rock banks and catch some nice fish. Also in the bigger creeks the fish are suspended under the bait schools feeding up for the winter (that has arrived in a BIG WAY)

Some of the best baits for the fish suspended under the bait are a single tail grub on a 3/8oz head, jigging spoons in 5/8 to 3/4 oz, silver buddy's and the Rapala ice jig. These baits mostly are worked vertically under the boat through the bait schools and above the fish located with your electronics.

The jig and grub and the silver buddy can be cast to the fish and worked more horizontally. Watch for gulls and loons to find the areas that have bait present.

You can still catch some fish on a blade if the wind is blowing in specific areas.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays and good fishing to all!


The Table Rock lake Bass fishing is slower than I like right now but the fish are still biting. We are catching between 15 and 25 bass per trip depending on the fishing conditions we face daily.

I probably put too much incidence on catching numbers of quality bass and it is hard to do outside of spring bass fishing on Table Rock Lake!

In my opinion it is hard to beat a guided trout fishing trip on Taneycomo Lake  If you want to have a blast fishing in the summer, fall or winter! But I guide some diehard bass fishermen that want to fish for bass on table rock lake, and I am talking bass fishing, not live bait fishing! I will not take you out on table rock lake and sit you in 100 foot of water holding a night crawler over the side of the boat catching small Kentucky bass like most of the area guides do! We will fish like men, and let the dice fall where they may.

Drop shots, jigs, top waters, worms and crank baits all will work depending on the day.  


I am Slow on fishing reports! But the bass are still biting really good! We are probably averaging 35 fish in a 4 hour trip on Table Rock Lake in Branson Missouri! This is in part due to the conditions, the bass fishing conditions have been really good throughout the spawn and we are still able to catch really good numbers of fish!

The only times it has been really tough on us is when it gets calm or when there is no wind and high pressure and clear skies.

We have had lots of rain on Table Rock Lake and when a front comes through the bass fishing is on! Even when one front has moved through the next day has been cloudy and windy and the bass have been still chomping in post front conditions. It won't be long till we hit the dog days and  Bass fishing on Table Rock Lake will be tough!

Some of the best baits to catch the bass on Table Rock are top-water baits like a zaragosa spook, red fin a chug bait or pop-r. This is my favorite way to bass fish right now and has been for the last month or so. I can just sit back and tell clients where to cast and how to work there baits and watch the fish come up and blast there lures in the clear water of Table Rock Lake!

The only time the top water bite has been slow is when the wind is blowing hard. Under windy conditions this opens up our boxes and allows us to fish lots of different baits. Some of the best for the clear water areas has been swimming a grub in some version of smoke or milky white on a 1/4 oz head, also a fluke or shakey head has been catching lots of bass.

In the backs of the creeks or steeper pockets that have been getting some good run off from the rains that we have been getting in Branson Missouri, a crank bait, chatter bait, spinner bait and casting a worm or jig has been catching some of the bigger bass.

The only time the bass fishing is tough is when there is no wind on Table Rock Lake!

Enjoy catching them now because right around the corner is the dog days of summer and I don't want any part of that!


The bass fishing on Table Rock Lake in Branson Missouri is fabulous right now. I had a afternoon bass fishing trip with Lanny cox today, the conditions were perfect and in 4 hours he caught 47 bass, I will say the bigger bass have been getting tougher to come by especially the last few days but we are catching bass up to 3 1/2 to 4 pounds daily!

The water temp at Kimberling city area of the lake is 62 to 65 degrees depending n the time of the day and whether you are in the backs of the creeks or on the main lake. The backs are warming nice and the large mouth bass are moving in and making spawning beds. These fish and the ones roaming around the beds can be caught on tubes, sinko's, worms and minnow style baits.

The best areas have been from Kimberling city up the James river or up the white River, The white is getting less fishing pressure and were I have been spending most of my time catching fish.

The main lake pockets and points are loaded with fish in the same areas, mostly small Mouth bass and Kentucky bass. These fish can be caught on the same baits but you need to fish deeper in the 10' to 20' range to catch them. The lake is clearer than I have ever seen Table rock in the past 25 years!

If you want a fishing guide trip in Branson Mo to remember Give me a call and we will make it happen!


Table Rock Lake is on FIRE! You can catch bass about any way you want right now. If you have ever thought about Bass fishing on Table Rock Lake in Branson Mo then now is the time, we are catching great numbers of fish and some quality fish too. Yesterday we caught a 5# small mouth bass  and a 5# Large mouth bass on back to back casts!

There are lots of bass moving back into the pockets and staging on the secondary points and cuts. If you like to fish it in the spring you will catch them on it right now! Also with all the rain we have been getting there are lots of fish moving into the backs of the creeks and bigger drains that have been getting more of thhe run off. Crank baits , spinner baits and plastics have been working good.


Bass fishing is fair on Table Rock Lake  But really good on Bull Shoals Lake. I fish were the bite is the best for my clients so unless you are hard core and after a few quality bites (and set on bass fishing Table Rock Lake) we are going to Bull Shoals or Lake Taneycomo!


Lake Lake Level 907.48

Fishing on Table Rock Lake in Branson Missouri is starting to pick up as the days start to lengthen and the bass start moving to the areas where they will eventually move to to spawn.

There are a lot of fish still suspended moving with the bait schools and can be caught on grubs, spoons, drop shots and The A-Rig. Watch for areas of the lake that have gulls and Loons feeding to start your search for these suspended and somewhat nomadic fish. Once you find the bait, idle through it looking for the areas or schools of bait that are in tight balls, the schools of bait that are packed tight are the ones that are being chased by fish and being fed on. One note is to make sure there are fish present or you are marking fish close to the levels of the tight schools of bait to ensure you are not just fishing the bait that is just being chased by the Loons.

Main Lake channel swings adjacent to the flats or main creek or large pockets is holding bass and will for the next 3 months as bass stage and move in and back out through the spawning process on Table Rock Lake. Look for the sharper breaks especially those with large rocks brush or standing timber. the best baits for fishing these areas are the A-Rig, grubs and jerk baits in shad colors. Note I try and fish the swings that have wind blowing on or across or when they are pulling current at the Table Rock Dam.The other areas we are catching fish are the smaller secondary points inside the creeks and larger main lake pockets that are adjacent to the channels or that have deep water access close by. The best baits have still been the grub, jerk baits and the A-Rig but on these secondary points we have been catching some fish on a jig and craw and a wiggle wart which should be really picking up. Note I also try and fish these areas that are close to where there is bait or birds present.

The back of the creeks and the rivers have mucked up some with the rains we had last week and we will start fishing these areas after we get a few more days of sunshine which will rapidly warm these areas with stained water and make the shallow fish more active.

Spinner baits the wiggle wart and jigs will be your best baits as the water warms in these areas.This time of the year don't be afraid to try different depths, we have caught fish casting to the banks and also casting out and allowing our baits to settle to 60 foot before we start our retrieves!

Note while you aren't going to catch the numbers of fish that you will in April and May this next month is the your best time to come to Table Rock Lake to catch a trophy bass, while the A-Rig has not turned on yet as it did last year at this time I feel it is about to happen. Note we caught a 10# Large mouth and a 6.5# small mouth bass last year in March on Table Rock Lake with the A-Rig!    


Table Rock lake Level  is 907.66,

That is Level is 7.34 feet below full pool of 915.00

The bass fishing on Table Rock Lake in Branson Missouri is typical fall transition fishing! You can go out on a day with good fishing conditions (wind, clouds or low barometric pressure and have a great day, or you can go out on a calm high pressure day and really struggle to put keepers in the boat.

Day in and day out the most consistent bite is 25 to 35 feet deep vertical fishing with a spoon or a drop shot. (but personally I am sick of fishing that way)

With the clear water and fishing pressure Table Rock Lake receives we are forced to fish for deep and or suspended fish all summer long!

Spring and fall is when I like to pick up the big boy sticks and man up!! I am talking about putting a buzz bait, spinner bait, big crank bait and a jig rod on my deck and cover some water and fish like I like to! I have to admit to also having a jigging spoon tied on and on the deck too, and when it gets tough it is my go to bait in the fall. There is always a number of fish that move into the backs of the creeks and major pockets (following the bait) that can be caught on the jigging spoon. Bait fish is the key to fishing this time of the year (although I will admit sometimes the bait is in so many places that it is imperative to pattern the fish structurally within areas of abundant bait) Focus your efforts on the flats in the creeks, channel swings that intersect these flats and main and secondary lake points, the flatter points or flat points that drop into the creek or river channels that also connect to the bigger flats with bait. Cover water and pay close attention to fish activity (look for shad that are in balls or tight schools, not spread out evenly on the surface) and pay close attention to the  types of cover you catch the fish off Wood is king!     


Table Rock lake Level 907.66

The bass fishing is getting really good on Table Rock Lake, with the cooler night and shorter days we are starting to catch fish shallower than we have since the spring. Several baits are working like top water baits, crank baits, spinner baits, jigs and worms.

Change your baits and depths depending on the conditions. If it is cloudy or windy fish shallower with the opposite under clear calm conditions.

Starting to see shad schools moving up the creeks and rivers so it is about on!

Obviously the deep drop shot and spoon bite is still on and more consistent than the shallow bite but not near as much fun as flipping or chucking and winding.


The Table Rock Lake Bass Fishing is really picking up, we had a good morning catching all 3 species of Table Rock Bass, plus a few mean mouth in the mix.

Our biggest fish are coming on top-water baits early then moving out deeper and catching Table Rock Bass on Football Jigs jigging spoons and the Drop Shots as the day moves on.

We also are catching some fish on crank baits and with the water cooling on Table Rock Lake the crank bait and spinner-bait bite will pick up as we get into the fall bass fishing patterns.

For a great Guided Bass fishing trip onTable rock Lake or a Trout fishing trip on Taneycomo Lake give a


Table Rock Lake Level 907.84

The Bass fishing on Table Rock Lake close to Branson Missouri is picking up with the changing of the leaves in the Ozark mountains that surround the lake.We have had cooler nights and more rain this month than it seems like we have had all year long.

The majority of the fish in the lower end of the lake are still between 25' and 35' deep and the standard baits are still producing good drop shots and jigging spoons. The jigging spoon is a bait you will need to have on the deck of your boat till the fish move shallow in the spring to spawn.

In the fall I will have 2 and sometimes 3 different spoons tied on, a 1/2oz and 3/4oz and occasionally a 1/4oz spoon.

We are starting to catch some fish shallow on top water baits and shallow running crank baits on chunk rock steeper banks as some of the bait is moving shallow (there are always a small number of fish that stay shallow even in clear water).

Also some of the smallmouth are feeding shallower on gravel and rock points and flats and can be caught on worms and jigs, wind and conditions are key to this bite being good.

For a great Guided Bass fishing trip on Table rock Lake or a Trout fishing trip on Taneycomo Lake give a call.


Table Rock Lake Level 908.60

Bass fishing on Table Rock Lake is good, most of the fish are still deep 35 foot, these fish can be caught by drop shot and jigging spoons fished vertically (for the suspended fish) or by casting worms and jigs to the fish that are relating to the bottom or submerged timber.

There is starting to be some shad moving up the rivers and major creeks  early this year and some fish are targeting them and moving with them.

You will need to have a topwater and a grub rod ready at all times to cast at the schooling fish chasing the bait.


Table Rock Lake Level 913.48

Bass fishing on Table Rock lake is still really good, and everything is still working. Lots of the fish are still really shallow for this time of the year and can be caught from the main lake to the back of the creeks.

Best baits are a tube, worms, jigs, crankbaits and topwater.

On cloudy windy days fish shallow and fast and on calm clear days fish slow and deeper (out to 15') We are catching some nice fish on topwaters too.  spooks and fins or wake baits.There are a few fish schooling in the bigger creeks and pockets, grubs, top waters and the Table Rock Lake A rig with 3" chompers grubs will catch them.

Lots of deep fish too, 25 to 30 foot in the areas with the clearing water. Football jigs, tubes and drop shot also Jigging spoons.

Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

Table Rock Lake Bass Fishing Report

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